So I was having a Twitter chat with Nick Childs and Gerad Petherbridge a while back and we were talking about how Twitter is such a good place to come across great books that you haven’t read, and great concepts from great books that you haven’t read too. Planners on Twitter seemed to be particularly good at sharing interesting reads and great snippets and quotes from books that they’re reading. And we were musing about how it’s tricky to find all the good stuff when you’re not on Twitter all the time so the conversation turned to the thought of creating a hastag and/or account that people could use to aggregate good reading recommendations and unexpected/insightful quotes from stuff you’re reading (a lot of people already Tweet pics of book quotes of-course). So we landed on #dogearthis and @dogearthis – I seemed to remember that years ago Russell Davies used to blog reviews of books he was reading using the title ‘blog all dog-eared pages’ so it seemed to fit.

So the idea is that if you’re reading/have read something you think worth recommending post a pic of the book with a line about why it’s interesting and maybe a link to it, using #dogearthis and copy @dogearthis. We thought it might be good to not do marketing books to begin with as they seem to get plenty of coverage already. Anyhow, might come to nothing or it might be wonderfully useful. Let’s see.

Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash


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