Post of the Month – December 2018 – Nominations


If you can think back as far as 2018 it’s time to open nominations for Post of the Month. So please do look back at your bookmarks and nominate any good posts that you read and that you think are worthy of being in the vote. As usual I have a short starting list below but do add to these via the comments below or direct and as soon as I have a good number I’ll stick them up for a vote. My starting four are:

Marketing and the Tension Between Contrarianism and Tradition by Noah Brier 

Calling time on our long hours culture by Melissa Vodegel Matzen

Being Bolder (Reflections 18 months into my work at NHS Digital) by Matt Edgar

Technology Wastes as Much Time as it Saves by Rory Sutherland

Do let me know your own nominations.


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